A female student gang-raped on a bus in India’s capital Delhi has died at a Singapore hospital, doctors say.


The 23-year-old had arrived in Singapore on Thursday after undergoing three operations in a Delhi hospital.


The attack earlier this month triggered violent public protests in India that left one police officer dead.


Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said he was “very saddened” and promised to channel “emotions and energies” into a course of action.

印度总理 Manmohan Singh 说他是“非常悲痛的”并保证将“情绪和力量”集中于行动过程之中。

Six men have been arrested and two police officers have been suspended following the 16 December attack.


A statement from the hospital said the woman “passed away peacefully” early on Saturday with her family by her side.


“The patient had remained in an extremely critical condition since admission to Mount Elizabeth Hospital,” hospital chief executive Kelvin Loh said.

“这名病人自申请入住伊丽莎白山医院以来便一直处在一个极其严重的健康状况下,”医院的行政总监 Kelvin Loh 说道。

“She had suffered from severe organ failure following serious injuries to her body and brain. She was courageous in fighting for her life for so long against the odds but the trauma to her body was too severe for her to overcome.


“We are humbled by the privilege of being tasked to care for her in her struggle,” Mr Loh said.

“我们惭愧地有幸能被要求在她最后的奋斗中照顾她,”Loh 先生说道。

A team of eight specialists had tried to keep the patient stable, but her condition continued to deteriorate over the two days she was at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, he added.


Officials from the Indian High Commission were also present when the patient passed away. The Indian home minister said the government had decided to send the victim overseas on the recommendation of her doctors.


Arrangements are being made to take her body back to India, said Indian high commissioner to Singapore TCA Raghavan.

安排把她的遗体送回印度,印度高级专员公署对新加坡新亚学院的 Raghavan 说道。

“The requisite formalities for sending the body are being completed. The deceased and family members to be flown out in a chartered aircraft later today,” Mr Raghavan said.

“送回遗体的必要手续都已完成。死者和家庭成员将于今晚乘坐一架包租飞机起飞,”Raghavan 先生说道。

In a statement issued in Delhi, Prime Minister Singh said: “It would be a true homage to her memory if we are able to channelise these emotions and energies into a constructive course of action.

在德里的一次发表声明中,总理 Singh 说道:“如果我们能够引导这些情感和力量集中到一个积极的行动当中去,这在她的记忆中将被视作真正的敬意。

“The need of the hour is a dispassionate debate and inquiry into the critical changes that are required in societal attitudes.


“Government is examining… the penal provisions that exist for such crimes and measures to enhance the safety and security of women. I hope that the entire political class and civil society will set aside narrow sectional interests… to help us all reach the end that we all desire – making India a demonstrably better and safer place for women to live in.”

“政府正在被考验… 刑法规定中考虑到了这种罪行以及设法去提升女性的安全与保障。我希望整个政治阶层和民间社会能够把狭隘的眼前利益抛开… 帮助我们得到我们都渴望的结局 – 使印度成为一个能让女性生活得明显更好更安全的城市。”

Rising anger


The victim and her friend had been to see a film when they boarded the bus in the Munirka area of Delhi, intending to travel to Dwarka in the south-west of the city.

受害人和她的朋友在德里的 Munirka 地区乘坐巴士,他们刚看完一场电影,打算去往城市西南部的 Dwarka 。

Police said she was raped for nearly an hour, and both she and her companion were beaten with iron bars and thrown out of the moving bus and into the street.


On arrival at the hospital in Singapore, doctors said that as well as a “prior cardiac arrest, she also had infection of her lungs and abdomen, as well as significant brain injury”.


The government has tried to halt rising public anger by announcing a series of measures intended to make Delhi safer for women.


These include more police night patrols, checks on bus drivers and their assistants, and the banning of buses with tinted windows or curtains.


The government has also said that it will post the photos, names and addresses of convicted rapists on official websites to shame them.


It has set up two committees – one looking into speeding up trials of cases involving sexual assaults on women, and the other to examine the lapses that might have led to the incident in Delhi.

两个委员会被建立 – 一个通过调查来加速审理那些牵涉到对女性性侵害的案件,另一个检查那些会使德里陷入骚乱的过失。

But the protesters say the government’s pledge to seek life sentences for the attackers is not enough – many are calling for the death penalty.

但是抗议者说政府寻求给予袭击者无期徒刑的保证并不足够 – 许多人呼唤死刑。

Since the Delhi incident, several cases have been highlighted of authorities failing to respond to reported rapes.


On Wednesday, a woman committed suicide in the state of Punjab, after having tried to report to police a rape which allegedly took place last month, local media reports said.

在星期三,一位 Punjab 州的女性自杀身亡,之前她试图向警察报告一起据说发生在上个月的强奸,当地媒体报道说。

At least one police officer involved in the case has been sacked, according to local officials.